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Raphael Fontes

Thiago Villaca
Vice President

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Fabio Botini
marketing director

Fabiano Nava
Secretary and Strategic Director

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Since its inception, Braza FC has won 7 titles, of which 3 of them were within the SEQ and FQ competitions. Being built from the ground up, the club is in route to its financial and governance establishment.

Accordingly, we are now ready to move into the next stage of our build up to have a greater focus on player development, coach development and accreditation, and football. After 2 years of dominance in the minor leagues, plus one Premiership and one Championship under the belt, Braza FC believes it has what it takes to be competitive in the higher leagues. And with this success to empower and inspire kids from all ages and gender to play the world game.
Braza FC’s strategic objectives include entering the FQPL6 in 2023 with an expectation to achieve top table results, stretching to a long-term plan of playing FQPL1 by 2029. Braza FC is going through all the requirements and expectations to become a committed partner of Football Queensland and we recognize this relationship is key to the club’s future success.