I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil. I came to Australia (Brisbane) in 2019 to improve my English and I became a part of Braza in 2021. I started to play with Team 2 when Braza was in the City League. I played right back or left back because there were no spots to play as a striker at the time, but I am a striker!

I played with a lot teams in Brazil. I have been playing football since I was 4 years old. I played for important teams in the Under 15’s league. After that, I played only in “Varzea” teams with ex-professional players, which was mostly where I improved my skills.

I believe I have been making good history with Braza since 2021, when I was elected to top goal scorer, even though I was playing in the right back, and only sometimes as a striker. Last year, I almost made top goal scorer again, and helped the team become champions of the City League.

This year, we are facing a new challenge playing FQPL6, where I hope to continue helping my team with goals, and more goals, always playing with an open heart and giving it my best!

Braza is a part of my family now. I hope to keep playing Braza for as long as possible and continue to make history with them.


Date of birth

25 November 1993


São Paulo





Joined BrazaFC

January 2020