Francesco is a talented football player hailing from Italy. He has been playing Calcio since he was a child and has honed his skills over the years.
Francesco is known for his agility, speed, and precision on the field, and he is a valuable asset to any team.
Francesco began his professional football career at a young age, and has played for several notable teams over the years. He is highly respected by his fellow players and has earned numerous accolades for his achievements on the field. Francesco is particularly admired for his ability to read the game and make quick decisions, which has helped him become an effective Striker.
Off the field, Francesco is known for his dedication to his family and his fitness. 
His positive attitude and strong work ethic have made him a role model for aspiring football players.
Francesco remains humble and focused on improving his skills and helping his team succeed. He is a true professional both on and off the field, and his passion for the game is evident in everything he does.


Date of birth

10 March 1993


Brisbane, Austrália





Joined BrazaFC

January 2023