In 2022, he embarked on his professional career, pursuing his beloved interests: football and sports. He holds diplomas in Fitness III and IV from Australia, along with certifications in CPR and First Aid. Lucas is recognized for his resilience and unwavering focus during games, while also valuing the personal lives of his players.

He believes that effective communication and understanding each individual player is crucial because, behind every player, there lies a human being. Lucas recognizes that if a player is burdened with numerous personal problems, their ability to concentrate on the game may be compromised.

His ultimate objective is to make a significant contribution to winning the FQPL6 (Reserves and Seniors) championship, driven by his winning mentality. He perceives Braza FC as more than just a club; it is a representation of the Brazilian community in Australia, and he aspires to contribute to its growth and development.


Date of birth

23 July 1994


Ibirité (MG)




Assistant Coach

Joined BrazaFC

January 2023