Samuel Lucas, a 25-year-old player hailing from Brazil, is currently an active member of Braza FC in Queensland, Australia. His football journey began at AFAGU in Brazil, where he showcased his skills as a Right Back. At the age of 13, Samuel migrated to Australia, kickstarting his career at Melbourne Lyon as a Left Wing. After a season, he received an invitation to join Queensland’s Western Pride (NPL), where he played as a Left Wing for two seasons. His remarkable dribbling skills and appearance led to him being affectionately referred to as “NEYMAR” within the NPL community.

Following his stint at Western Pride, Samuel secured a contract with Gold Coast Knights, offering a weekly salary of $200 along with a potential opportunity to play in Thailand. However, due to a family incident, he was unable to pursue the overseas opportunity at the age of 17. Consequently, Samuel took a break from competitive play to focus on starting a family, spending four years away from the field and becoming a proud parent of two children.

In 2023, driven by his unwavering love for the sport, Samuel made the decision to return to football and pursue his passion. He signed up for Braza FC, a welcoming and cohesive team united in their ambition to ascend to FQPL 5.

Samuel is characterized by his diligent work ethic, both academically and athletically. Despite the four-year hiatus from professional play, he has persistently honed his ball control and agility. On and off the field, he exemplifies an indomitable spirit, refusing to surrender. In fact, when faced with adversity, such as an opposing team’s lead, Samuel harnesses it as motivation to work even harder. His unwavering dedication fuels his pursuit of excellence, pushing him to train relentlessly and persist until he achieves both personal and club goals.


Date of birth

28 September 1997






Right Back

Joined BrazaFC

January 2023