Braza gets The Double!!!

With the Premiership trophy already in the gallery, our boys were gunning for the Grand Final one, and they did it!
We love silverware and we cannot lie!

After an even first half (1×1), we came back from the half time and went one man down on the 7th minute, and right after, the Roos took the lead by 2×1.
Our boys kept their heads up and fought harder until we saw Gui Silva score his second goal in the game making things even again.
The pressure were on Roos now and our boys kept pushing it until Fabio Botini puts the ball on the back of the net on the 94th minute to grant us the championship.

Let’s celebrate guys, we deserve it!
We took all that had to be taken.

🏆 Premiers
🏆 Grand Final Winners
⬆️ Promoted

Looking forward to the next season

10/09/2023 – Brisbane City FC Grounds

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